PANJA is a culture + wellness studio that fosters a holistic approach to health of the mind, body, spirit. We recognize human beings as multi dimensional characters who merit equally diverse pathways to access their own personal joy and wellbeing. As such, we offer eclectic services that focus on serving the whole human being through meditation, movement, performance, positive visual stimulation, and clean food.


The root "PAN" means "5" in Punjabi. 5 represents art, culture, creativity, and humanness, as reflected in key references such as the 5 senses, 5 elements, and 5 pranas, to name a few. "PANJA" means hand. The PANJA CULTURE concept celebrates individuals — masters of craft and everyday experts alike — as infused with the creative essence to make what they will of this world with their own two hands. Meaning, we all have opportunity to make a difference in the world around us. As a part of the very community we serve, we heal ourselves through serving community. Let us work — together.


Fare: PANJA’s pop-up kitchens model a simple plant and fish based diet that celebrates whole, nutritious foods. Our homemade juices, coffees, teas and cocktails are made fresh with herbal infusions from our in-house apothecary. In 2019 we have plans to grow our own herbs in the backyard garden and at a local partner farm. 

Wellness: PANJA embodies a culture of radical self care through high vibrational activities such as visualizations, guided meditations, dance parties, open mics, live music sessions, restorative justice circles, and a medley of other workshops. 

Projects: PANJA produces expositions, cultural events, and environmental initiatives that empower people to feel positively, think critically, and take agency in the world around them.



Transformational Relationships


Create the culture we crave.


Grow it to know it.


Breathe. Balance. Books. Bravery.


Express gratitude.